woensdag 24 juni 2015

Mixed media canvas 'Dream'


I have created a new mixed media canvas. The funniest thing happens when I am creating mixed media. I always come to a point (usually after put on the black gesso and start to use the others paints) when I'm thinking: Oh no! I'm totally screwing this up. But when the moment comes I can let go of that feeling (thinking, Oh well, I throw it away when it really sucks) and at that point I get somehow an idea and it works! After that it is so much fun, building up layers of paint....
The canvas was created just because I had this idea in my head using the pocket watch with and item inside. The title 'dream' and the stars, I don't know how, but I didn't really thought about combining those, it just happened. And in the end, almost finished, I was painting the angel, giving it golden mica wings, I saw she (or he?) has her eyes closed......didn't even notice that before! So all came together like it was ment to be....
Here are some close up pictures:
Used mixed media products:

Prima Marketing
Dusty Attic
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  1. Wow this is truly beautiful. Loved reading your story about how it came together. Seems as though the "stars aligned". Black gesso totally intimidates me so I am always impressed when someone has the courage to use it. You did such a wonderful job on this with all of the different mediums.

    1. Thank you so much Kathy for your loyal follow and comments, you're too kind!

  2. Oh my word! This is so stunning! LOVE IT!